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the world's first digital-age skin-perfecting system... proven to make spots, imperfections and hyperpigmentation INSTANTLY disappear, AND help fade their appearance over time...

Before how Opté looks
After how Opté looks

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  • Opté cartridge boxes, beauty wand and cradle
  • Opté beauty wand and cradle
  • Opté cradle closed
  • Opté cradle open with beauty wand
  • Opté beauty wand open
  • Opté beauty wand side angle
  • Opté beauty wand standing upright
  • Opté cartridge boxes, beauty wand and cradle
  • Opté beauty wand and cradle
  • Opté cradle closed
  • Opté cradle open with beauty wand
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Buy Opté risk-free today! Only pay $84 month for 24 months. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, contact our customer service line for a prepaid label. Then, just send the system back.

Opté is so easy to use

Simply place it on your face and move from top to bottom...

Step 1

Attach the Tip to the Wand and gently place it so both rollers touch your skin lightly.

Step 2

Keep the rollers gently touching your skin and move slowly up and down in long, slow, deliberate strokes.

Step 3

Finish one section before moving onto the next. Multiple passes will add additional coverage for a flawless look.

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When to apply Opté

Reveal the most beautiful you.

Opté digitally scans skin, detects every spot, imperfection and hyperpigmentation instantly corrects each one with the tone-matching mineral pigments that make them virtually impossible to see and tone perfecting serum that actually helps fade their appearance away over time.

It's not makeup, it's not air-brushing, it's the real you with the jaw dropping look of micro-perfected skin. Works on hands, neck or décolletage too. Scan. Detect. Micro-Perfect!

Superior Technology

Opté sees you and goes beyond today's beauty standards to give a custom solution with each use. Today's solutions for age spots are inferior. Opté goes beyond, to provide never before seen flawless skin.

How it targets

By combining the best of smart technology and skin care Opté produces a superior solution for spots, imperfections and hyperpigmentation. Targeting only the affected areas, your skin looks and feels naturally flawless.


The wand uses a safe, blue, LED light to find even the most subtle age spots.


A microprocessor analyzes your age spots and customizes the serum application instantly.


The serum is applied precisely to each micro-imperfection, providing immediate coverage and long term benefits.

4 Key Ingredients

Spot Lightening

Pixel-White is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of age spots over time.

Skin Improvement

Skin actives reduce the appearance of age spots. Pairs well with your favorite SPF product, that helps prevent damage from sun's harmful rays.


Organic compounds help your skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated.

Mineral Pigments

A patented blend of mineral pigments provide immediate coverage, creating a flawless look.

Better Skin Every Day

Skin appearance improves in just a short time

With daily use, results continue to improve.


Spots instantly appear invisible

Week 1-2

Skin feels noticeably smoother

Week 4-6

Skin appears healthier looking

Week 8-12

Spots appear faded

Real People. Real Results!

Click on the pictures to see each woman's real transformation
  • -Kate V.
  • -Lisa S.
  • -Nery B.
  • -Teresa F.
  • -Angelina F.
  • -Bridget M.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Kate V.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Lisa S.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Nery B.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Teresa F.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Angelina F.
  • Bare Skin After First Use
    close up close up
    -Bridget M.
No retouching has occurred on skin or spots.

    People think I have naturally great skin and what they don't know is that Opté is my secret weapon that allows me to get this result every day.

    Helen Yen

    Love, love, love the Beauty Wand. It's like magic and gets rid of the dark spots and leaves behind beautiful, radiant, flawless skin. I would recommend the Beauty Wand to everyone who has undesirable dark spots and wants to cover them.

    Lisa E

    I'm not one to ever try these types of products although I am open to them. I finally gave it a try and cannot be happier with the results. My face feels clean and natural every day. After 3 weeks, I noticed my skin discoloration start to fade. I would recommend this product to everyone who is skeptical about products just as I am.

    Irais O

    The Beauty Wand is a true life changer. This product will give you a new and refreshing look. You will feel younger and look incredibly gorgeous. Your skin will make you look and feel 20 years younger. This product makes your age spots disappear in one sweep of the product. There is no turning back. Only looking younger. And feeling fabulous.

    Annette E

    This product is amazing it works like a magic eraser it really covers the appearance of the dark spots leaving behind smooth silky and radiant skin people actually tell the difference.

    Aleina T

    Easy to use, this beauty wand will make your skin look flawless. After using for a fee weeks, you can see noticeable changes on your skin. Dark spots will fade away and pores will look closed up. A most to have beauty gadget.

    Ekaterina S

    The beauty wand is truly the most incredible beauty product I have ever used! You can see instant results from using it. It's super easy to use and I think it's fun to use. It incorporates very well into my skin care system and only takes a few minutes to use. I rarely even put foundation on my skin because my skin looks so good after using the beauty wand.I feel more confident because my skin looks younger, healthier, and more radiant. This product seems too good to be true, only it isn't!

    Julie S

    This innovative machine uses cutting age technology to bring you the latest treatments in beauty care. Using this beauty wand gives you instant results that you can see within the first application of the product. If you are looking to clear, toned and a flawless complexion, the beauty wand is for you.

    Nicole G

    Great sheer coverage and feels natural. For full coverage and evening out redness, it isn't the best. I find u still need to use concealer in some areas to achieve the full coverage, flawless look I'm going for. However, it is a great, convenient product to use everyday and still feel natural.

    Truongsa P

    I can honestly say that my sun spots have greatly diminished and my face looks a lot clearer. My skin does not look blotchy and my skin tone has improved to be more even. My face has also become a lot smoother and soft and does not look as tired. What I love most about the wand it's that I can wear all of my regular makeup with the exception of foundation and my skin looks like I am wearing foundation. My skin from a distance looks very clean and fresh. The only downside to the beauty wand is that the wand does not work on red hyper pigmentation or red capillaries.

    Glenda S

    The beauty wand is a game changer to my skin care routine. The end result is a natural look and feel.

    Lisa E

    The Beauty Wand is a product for someone who wants a fresh and natural look to their make-up. It gently and efficiently coats the skin with a lightweight serum that subtly covers imperfections, such as age spots and sun damage.

    Sara Z

    Easy to set up and simple to use. The wand and case are elegant looking. When using the wand you glide lightly over the skin and it applies a thin layer of highlighter that makes all your flaws, discolorations and freckles seem to disappear. You then can just look flawless and radiate without putting any other makeup on or you can continue and put on your regular makeup as usual. Skin appears to be lighter and younger.

    Barbara M

    The beauty wand is a perfect addition to your daily routine. It provides you with a natural look that is perfect for an everyday look. The beauty wand allows you to use less makeup by naturally hiding your skin imperfections.

    Irais O

    I would recommend this Beauty Wand to anyone who whats their age spots to be less noticeable.

    Kathrin D

    The device looks very cool and modern. Doesnt take much room and its easy to use. It works pretty well as far as getting a fresh clean look after you use it, however i dont think it helps the problem area of the skin permanantly. It requires a little bit of practice to become easy and faster to use.

    Sharon T

Professionally Acclaimed

Juian-Juian Fu, MD, PhD is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and has practiced dermatology and conducted skin research for over 30 years in the United States.

Risk Free Offer!

$84/mo. for 24 months // 0% APR

Pay for device and 2 year supply of Tone Perfecting Serum over 24 month commitment.

We're Sure You'll Love It.

Buy Opté risk-free today! Only pay $84 month for 24 months. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, contact our customer service line for a prepaid label. Then, just send the system back.

Offer Details:

Opté Risk Free Offer for first 30 days.When ordering today, you will receive Opté with a 60 day supply of Tone Perfecting Serum for only $84. If within 30 days you decide Opté is not for you, please notify our customer service line. We'll provide a prepaid UPS return label for a free return. If you keep the Opté device, we will charge your credit card $84 per month for the next 23 months. You will receive 60-day refills shipped every other month for 2 years. Cancel at any time, just contact customer service for instructions and no further payments will be charged. After 24 months, the device is yours and 60-day refills will be available online.

STEP 1: Customize Your Tone